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ArcGIS Service Templates

3 weeks ago
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Hello ;

As you can see in the attachment, I have two services. (1.png,2.png)

When we examine 1.png, there are numbers such as 1,2,3 in the name section of the Templates section of the service, and these numbers are the domain codes of the relevant layer.

However, when we examine 2.png
Domain descriptions appear in the name section.

What is the difference between these two services when sharing?

When I publish any service, I get services like the one in 1.png. How can I get a service like the one in 2.png?

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In order to understand this fully would need few details about the workflow that you have followed.

  • Are both the services published by you. 
  • What kind of services are they e.g. Feature Service, Map Service etc.
    • If it's a feature service is it a hosted service or referenced feature service.
  • How have you published the services.
  • As you have mentioned domain, so are there any domain assigned to a particular field.
  • The details that are shown in the screenshot are they displayed at the REST end point of the layer or have you performed query or some other kind of operation to get the details shown in the screenshot. 
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Neither service was published by me.
The 1.png was published by me, but the 2.png was published before me in the company I work for and no one knows how it was published. I want to know how it was published anyway.

Both services are referenced services and featured services not hosted services.

There is a certain domain structure and the same domain is applied to both layers.

I obtained these images from the REST service screen. I did not create any queries.


Thank you for interest.




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