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Portal contents folder not displaying after upgrade to 10.9.1

05-22-2024 12:23 PM
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I recently upgraded from enterprise 10.7.1 to enterprise 10.9.1, Everything went well but i found that the personal content folder of my users no longer displays their maps and apps, and they are unable to overwrite or publish maps to their content folder.

I have done the -reindexing and restarted the portal for arcgis service on the server  - that didn't resolve the issue

I checked the storage size on my portal server, - that has more than enough space >603GB

Now my users are all down.


I notice there seems to be a disparity on the contents path showing on the portal admin and the one showing on my server.


The portal admin Jason shows this --- {"type":"fileStore","provider":"FileSystem","connectionString":"E:\\arcgisportal\\content"}

portal admin content url.JPG


While the physical server drive shows this  --- E:\arcgisportal\content\items

Portal server content folder.PNG



Could this be the problem?? the next subfolder Items???


Please I need urgent help on this as all my users are currently unable to do anything


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That contents path on Portaladmin is correct. It's not the issue.

Few things to check:

  • Portal and ArcGIS Server logs - any issues at start up and continuously logged?
  • Open Windows Services on the VM running Portal - is the Portal for ArcGIS running under the correct service account (check Server and Datastore)?
  • Does the service account have  permissions to access and write to E:\arcgisportal?
  • Ask users to clear browser caches

Raise this with your local Esri distributor as a Technical support case to get the appropriate support too.

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I'm very happy to announce that this issue has been resolved. These are the things I did.

1. Reindexing to update the index

2. Restart Portal for ArcGIS Server Service on the portal server

3. Clear Browser cache

4. Contact Esri support Analyst and we did further troubleshoot and the only additional click that got the issue resolved was this:

We do have two Portal for ArcGIS URLs; one is the public facing and one is internal which I didn't bother to check or click on since I completed the upgrade. The internal URL has the server's name in the URL

So, we decided to check out the Internal URL and that worked very well, and all the Portal contents displayed correctly. So, we went back to try the public facing URL and somehow it started functioning well, all the information in the content folder now displayed correctly.

So we suspected that the clicking on the internal URL refreshed the entire server content and enabled them to be displayed the Public facing URL.

But for sure, I do not understand the technology behind the incident; so, anyone that can have better explanation to this would be appreciated and an added knowledge here.

thanks all

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by MVP Regular Contributor
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I've seen this several times, clearing the browser cache will do the trick. 

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