How Did They Make That Dashboard?

05-09-2018 09:40 PM
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Updated March 2021, as the URL scheme has changed.

ArcGIS Dashboards (formerly Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS) enables you to easily create dashboards that enable you to present your data in a single screen for at-a-glance decision making, without writing any code. Each day stunning new dashboards are being shared on Twitter, LinkedIn, and ArcGIS Online that might inspire you to make your own dashboards better.

Dashboard Envy

Ever see an awesome dashboard and wondered, "How did they make that?" 
(The following are some jaw-droppers that were put together by Esri staff)


Sample Dashboards


Maybe it is an impressive chart, a sophisticated indicator, or a background color scheme. You just need to know how they did it. Well now you can find out!


By opening a dashboard in edit mode you are able to edit the elements and see how they are configured. So, now it is a matter of copying that inspirational dashboard and opening it in edit mode. In most cases, you can create a copy of the dashboard (see below for caveats), whether it is publicly shared or shared within your organization. 


Here's how:

  1. Sign in to your ArcGIS Online/Enterprise account and go to the ArcGIS Dashboards home page via the App Launcher. Or, enter the following address directly:

    Note: You technically don't need to have "yourOrg.maps." in the URL. It will work without it (

  2. Click the Create Dashboard button. It will route you to:
  3. Copy the item ID of the dashboard you'd like to save a copy of, such as the following: 
  4. Add #id=itemID to the Create Dashboard URL and press enter (to reload the page)
  5. The page will load with the Title, Tags and Summary already filled in with the dashboard you are copying

  6. Click the Create Dashboard button. It will open the copied dashboard in edit mode, and you can now start exploring how the dashboard was made (e.g., open the configuration of elements).


The Fine Print


How To Prevent Copying of a Dashboard

You might be reading this and thinking, what if I don't want people to copy my dashboard. You can prevent others from copying the dashboard by going to its Item Details page in ArcGIS Online. Go to the Settings tab, uncheck the property for "Allow other to save a copy of this item." and click Save.


If others try to create a copy, they will get an error message.

"Error: The item is copy protected."


That's a wrap. Now go make that sweet Gauge or Serial Chart you've been dreaming up. You can also check out trending dashboards for more inspiration.

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thanks for the write-up.

Occasional Contributor

Nice, very helpful.

New Contributor

Thanks@ a lot. It was really helpful.

New Contributor

This was really useful for dashboards on AGOL. But I was unable to copy an AGOL portal Dashboard into my local 10.6.1 Portal. Should this process still work ?

New Contributor II

This is what I get: 

The item '9ef296f66f724c36bcaf01fc69768ecd' cannot be found. The item may have been deleted or you may have entered an incorrect URL.

How can I fix it.

New Contributor

This is great! Even with the instructions and details of the help page, sometimes seeing an example is the best teacher.  A lot of dashboards are pretty complex, so being able see or even interact with the sources of the dashboard elements is a good idea. Unfortunately, it seems like all the example Esri-owned dashboards are now copy-protected. I'll keep looking for a 3rd-party dashboard that's not copy-protected, but I'm not confident in my search so far

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That is correct. It won't work to copy a dashboard between ArcGIS Online and a portal/Enterprise (either direction). 

That said, this post discusses a technique that may work for you via the Python API.

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That message means that the dashboard item that you are trying to copy cannot be accessed. It may be that you (the account you are signed in with) do not have access to the item. Or, if you are trying to copy an item from a portal, it will not find it.

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Hi Sara,

I just tried the four dashboard samples at the top of the post and was able to copy them without any problem. Could you provide more details?

Occasional Contributor III

I'd like to suggest a visual change to your text, new?id=9ef296f66f724c36bcaf01fc69768ecd

I've used this site a couple of times, and I always forget that I need to add ?id=.

Thanks for all you do!

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Can someone please help me figure out how they changed the color of the symbol in the List widget based upon the attribute?

New Contributor II

You can do it on the web map - change symbol based on your attribute. On Tuesday, March 24, 2020, 01:18:17 PM PDT, April Chipman <> wrote:

#yiv4167699448 * #yiv4167699448 a #yiv4167699448 body {font-family:Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;}#yiv4167699448 #yiv4167699448 h1, #yiv4167699448 h2, #yiv4167699448 h3, #yiv4167699448 h4, #yiv4167699448 h5, #yiv4167699448 h6, #yiv4167699448 p, #yiv4167699448 hr {}#yiv4167699448 .yiv4167699448button td {}


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How Did They Make That Dashboard?

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Can someone please help me figure out how they changed the color of the symbol in the List widget based upon the attribute?

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Thanks so much for this method to look into someone else's dashboard - Works great!

New Contributor

Copying that dashboard and opening it in edit mode - is this work for Dashboard Beta?

Esri Contributor

@Mohd_HafizHishammuddin It works in both versions. If you are copying a dashboard in Classic Dashboard, the URL should look like this:

But if you are creating the new dashboard in Dashboard Beta, you should use # instead of ? in your URL to pass the item id.