Integrate Real-Time / IoT Data into Your Digital Twin for Pipeline

01-12-2021 04:17 PM
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Please view the webinar recording of "Integrate Real-Time / IoT Data into Your Digital Twin for Pipeline," which was recorded on January 20, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. PST. 

Select Questions and Answers from Live Session:

  1. Does the Velocity have a processor to compare previous and current values?
    • Yes, if to store the historical data in the big data store that would be a great example of near real-time analysis where we are looking at current data and historical stored data.
  2. Can we implement analysis to define the nearest truck to a certain asset, and send a notification or an SMS to that truck driver?
    • Yes, that would follow the ingest, process, and notify workflow. Let us know if we can help you configure that for your specific use case.
  3. Can this be implemented in a 3D/Augmented Reality environment if that’s how your GIS data is being displayed?
    • Yes, this data is associated with the GIS object that represents the physical object in the field. That data can then all be visualized via multiple methods, including AR/VR platforms.
  4. Would this have a good application for the management of SWD Facilities and pipelines tied into the facility? One helpful process would be to monitor injection wellhead pressures. SWD injection has been linked to seismic activity.
    • Yes, if there is a real-time feed for this type of data, and a value to analyze this data in real-time. Velocity may a good fit for this use case.
  5. Thank you for the amazing webinar. My question is, is it possible to link the live stream data to a 3D BIM or MEP model, for example, building scene layers?
    • Yes, we can join these data feed to 3D objects in the enterprise geodatabase.
  6. SCADA security is a top priority, can velocity pull data separate from the actual SCADA system?
    • We typically see information pulled from the SCADA historian, outside of the control room.
  7. Is it possible to initiate a work order in SAP?
    • Yes, using the SAP API or other interfaces, we can send a work order request automatically to SAP.

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