Webinar Series: Making Census 2020 Count with GIS

11-30-2020 03:04 PM
Esri Regular Contributor


Making Census 2020 Count with GIS

National statistics offices continue to seek the most effective ways to quickly and accurately measure socioeconomic indicators for better governance and decision-making.

This 3-part webinar series shows how Esri's ArcGIS technology can increase your efficiency and the quality of your data. Preenumeration planning costs can be reduced by accurately mapping enumeration areas and even households. Enumeration operations are more efficient with easy-to-use apps for enumeration and dashboards to effectively manage and redirect field enumerators. Improved postenumeration results provide your country with accurate information to support decisions of national importance.

Watch the full series: 

Part 1 - Introduction to Official Statistics

Part 2 - Imagery and Official Statistics

Part 3 - SDGs and Dissemination

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