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06-09-2021 01:32 PM
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Seriously, I am here to see that CE 2021 and beyond a better overall toolset for any 3D environment creation/visualization. It's a pleasure to be here learn & contribute as much as humanly possible to the development team, the community of course. We share our findings software version if applicable, the exact error messages or codes especially "screenshots" along with steps to the issues will effectively give everyone a clear visualization/understanding. Happy exploring whichever software app. you use.

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Welcome to Esri Community! We're happy to have you join us as a new member and we look forward to your contributions! It looks like you are a fan of ArcGIS City Engine, so if you haven't already you can bookmark and subscribe to the ArcGIS City Engine place to see the latest questions and content that come in for the product.

We have more communities for industry, products, and other topics that you can check out from the All Communities page. If you need any more help with getting started or understanding features, check out our Getting Started with Esri Community document or visit Community Basics for specific help topics for using Esri Community.  


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