South Dakota Mines GIS Workshops

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South Dakota Mines GIS Workshops

Published on ‎03-27-2021 03:47 PM by MVP Esteemed Contributor

Professional GIS Education at South Dakota Mines

  • Intro to ArcGIS I: Mapping with GIS (May 17-19, 2021) (online or in-person)
  • Intro to ArcGIS II: GIS Analysis (May 20-21, 2021) (online or in-person)
  • Field Data Collection with ArcGIS (May 24-25, 2021) (in-person)
  •  Switching to ArcGIS Pro (May 19, 2021) (online-only)

The workshops are designed for busy professionals who need to quickly gain or expand GIS skills with ArcGIS software.  

The Switching to ArcGIS Pro (online only) workshop will be taught by the author of the recent Esri Press book, Switching to ArcGIS Pro from ArcMap.

The Intro to ArcGIS (in-person or online) workshops offer students the choice of learning either ArcMap or ArcGIS Pro. The common fundamental concepts are covered in the lectures, and the hands-on lab exercises can be done using either ArcMap or ArcGIS Pro. The instructor for this class has been using, deploying and supporting Esri software for more than thirty years.

The Field Data Collection (in-person only) workshop will use ArcGIS Pro and the ArcGIS Online cloud platform. Students must supply their own mobile device that supports Bluetooth (GPS equipment is provided) and ArcGIS field applications. All needed computers and software are provided.

South Dakota Mines has taught more than 110 workshops to over 1,200 participants since the year 2000. The instructors have decades of experience using and teaching ArcGIS.

For more information and to register for workshops, please visit

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