WAB Collection similar to StoryMaps Collections

2 weeks ago
Status: Open
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I wish there was a way to have a Collection of WebApps all together with tabs on top like the new release of StoryMaps Collections.

I work on a very large project that utilizes several AGO maps and the PM wants to have all of the maps in one place and be editable. The problem with this is that there is so much data per online map (upwards of 70+ layers) and there are now about 8 of them. To combine them all into one online map and then build a WebApp from that would be insane and the one map I have built into a WebApp so far takes a very long time to load because of the amount of data. Is there a way to do this sort of thing yet?

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Have you looked at using Experience Builder for this? Would be an easy way to combine multiple apps/tabs, etc. and style it however you need to.