Survey123 Connect styles don't apply in web form

01-26-2018 01:41 PM
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I've set some styles in a Survey123 Connect form, just a simple text color and toolbar background color, but they do not apply to the web form when I publish the survey. I also can't change them at because "editing a survey published by Survey123 Connect is not supported." I can't find any other mention of this problem in "Known Issues" or on GeoNet. 

EDIT: I tried setting colors for all the options and found the following: 

Setting 'Text Color' has no visible effect on anything 

Setting 'Background Color' works as expected. 

Setting 'Toolbar Background Color' changes the background color of the body of the html page. 

Setting 'Toolbar Text Color' has no visible effect on anything

Setting 'Input Text Color' works as expected. 

Is there a different way to upload or create a web form from an XLSForm that will retain these settings? 

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Hi Monty,

This is a known issue between the Connect settings and field app style configuration and web form displaying the same styles set in Connect. We have an open issue for this and I have added your comments to the issue. We hope to update the web form in a future release to respect the style settings applied in Connect.



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Hi Phil,

do you guys have a solution for that in the next release of Survey123? If not, shall we expect it soon to come?

FYI James Tedrick




Özgür Ertac
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Esri Deutschland GmbH
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Hi Ozgur,

The dev team has added this to be looked at to be fixed in the 2.8 release, however this may change due to other priorities.


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Hi Philip,

Any updates on this?

We would like to embed Survey123 forms in our public facing Story Maps and Open Data sites, however the styles from Connect (version 3.0.128) are still not changing the style of the web form. Not being able to match the style of the web form to the theme colours really takes away from the professional look and feel of the products.

Please release this update soon!


Anneka France
GIS Analyst at The Rivers Trust
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Hi Anneka,

In 2.8 release, we had changes in the web form to support the background color, toolbar text color and toolbar background color from Survey123 Connect, which are the most obvious ones. Currently, we still still have following styles to support in the web form: input text color, text color (currently with limited support), background image.

The current plan is, in 3.1 release, to extend flexibility of styles in the web form to both support all styles from Survey123 Connect as well as setting of these styles from the web designer, this is the consideration for the consistancy across the product.

I've added your voice to the development issue. Please let us know if you see other exceptions from the above description or you have any other concern about the feature. Thanks!

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Ozgur can you tell me how you change the wrapper color to brown. I am using version 3.0.127 of survey123 connect. Thanks

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Hi Huong,

At the time of Özgür's post, the color settings were being misinterpreted by the web form.  Since then, we have introduced a setting for the web form's surround, though it requires manual editing of the settings at this time - see for information on how to set it.

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Thank you so much it worked perfectly.

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The issue has been fixed in the coming 3.1 release (planned in Oct.), all custom UI properties will be applied in the web app now.

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