Pass geoshape (or geotrace) geometry to survey using custom URL parameters

12-10-2020 06:48 AM
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Is it possible to pass the geometry of a shapefile (poly or line) from a layer in a webmap to a geoshape/geotrace question using custom URL parameters? I presume this would require the geometry parameters to be stored as "space-separated sets of latitude and longitude values (in decimal degrees) separated by a semicolon" in a field, with that field then passed to the survey form using the appropriate URL parameter. In this case, is there a workflow for extracting and storing geometry attributes of lines or polygons as comma-separated strings? This is not a problem for point data (e.g. via Add Geometry Attributes in ArcGIS Pro). The intended workflow is that the surveyor selects the feature they are surveying in a webmap/Explorer and launches and auto-fills the survey form directly using custom URL parameters.

This blog mentions an option to use Arcade expressions to extract the x and y geometry of a point feature, but I can't work out if and how this could be used for line or poly features. Furthermore we would like to store the geometry attributes in a field from a different layer, so that though the user selects a point for simplicity, that point has associated line or shape geometry from the other layer for use in the survey form.
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I am also wondering this. Did you ever solve the riddle? 

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