Sort repeats in Survey123 feature report

01-24-2020 10:27 AM
Status: Open
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It would be helpful to sort repeat records in reports. Example use case: Inspectors log a timeline of events in repeats. Each repeat record also records date/time. If revisions are made to add an event that was missed, the feature report has no way to show the events chronologically. Example:

07:00 AM: Construction crew arrives on site

07:45 AM: Construction crew begins excavation work

04:00 PM: Crew leaves for the day

12:00 PM: Crew breaks for lunch (added as part of revision)

12:30 PM: Crew resumes work (added as part of revision)


This would be really helpful. I have the same use case where the I'd like to sort events by time in a feature report or to 'insert' a repeat between existing records.

by Anonymous User

I've got a similar case where the field workers visit different Monitoring Points (Example Names: MP-1, MP-2, ... , MP-15). Now, geographically they are not in a ascending or descending order so, the records submitted are always sorted according to the ObjecID. I'd like to sort the report according to the Monitoring Points.


I need help with this too.

@IsmaelChivite Feature Report Jedi, can you help, or point us in the right direction?

Thanks in advance.



Just wanted to add my "me too" sentiments to this idea. I have inspectors who do site visits and take a lot of photos. When they come back to the office, they want the option to reorder the photos so that they are grouped logically and support the overall narrative of the report. It would be great if we could just add a field in the data that they could modify later to determine the order of adding photos to the report. Then they could just sequentially number the records in the desired manner and run the report.


This would be a great addition.