Now available in ArcGIS StoryMaps: guided tour (beta)

02-04-2020 12:23 PM
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Hannah Wilber‌ writes... 

"First we brought you to sidecar, then we added slideshow into the mix; now my colleagues and I would like to introduce you to the newest immersive block in ArcGIS StoryMaps: guided tour.

Currently in beta, guided tour’s design draws heavily from the original Story Map Tour template, with a few new enhancements that take this reading experience above and beyond its classic predecessor."

Read more at: Now available in ArcGIS StoryMaps: guided tour (beta) 

Follow our story to get a hands-on tutorial of building your first guided tour in ArcGIS StoryMaps.

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Hello I have read the blog that Hannah Wilber wrote about Embedding in Story Map Apps, using the New 2020 Story Map Templates, and I am creating a "Guided Tour" App, that I want to embed into a larger Story App that my supervisor is creating.  However, I am having a problem getting it to look more "seamless" into the flow of the original App.  I can send a picture to show where I am getting stuck to help see this more clearly, if that helps.



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In the guided tour, is there a quick way to add lat/long points, i.e using the Location Search, as locations rather than having to "navigate" to the points on the map? Thank you!

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