Not able to add style stylx file to ArcPro 2.5.2

07-02-2020 03:23 AM
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I have created stylx file in ArcPro 2.5.2. I want to import it to another project, but import dialog doesn't see my file. It is only showing when I try to import it to the project it has been created in. Have anyone else experienced this issue? 

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check this for methods

Add styles to a project—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation 

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The page that Dan linked to should give you all the info you need, but I did want to elaborate on some terminology distinction here. Notice how, in the bottom right of your screenshot, it only says STYLE (and not STYLX)? That's because the import function is used to import and then convert Style files that were created in ArcMap to be used in ArcGIS Pro. If you created a Stylex file in Pro, you need to add the style, not import. Right click on your project's styles folder in the catalog pane and click "add". 

Hope that helps!