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07-22-2019 01:18 PM
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I have created a locator using the Point Address Role. The locator works but it will not locate or provide candidates for addresses that contain units. For example: 606 Main St will work but 606 Main St Suite 150 will not. This is a big problem when all of the addresses on a parcel have unit addresses. For example: 10001 Kingston Pike only exists with units (e.g. Suite 100 - 150) and since all the address points have unit values it will not show up in the candidates list.

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I agree with Dan, I would expect the more you type the fewer candidates you see.

I don't know who Dan works for but he seems to be in the same situation that we are. We really only need to search addresses across a few counties. 90% of the time we are only looking in one county and don't even use city, state, and zip values. We do have some situations where we need to find addresses across a utility district that may cover portions of several counties but I still don't see that as a problem. The existing tool handles addresses across the entire world, so addresses with subunits across 8 counties shouldn't be a big deal.

No, I don't expect to scroll through 1000s of subunit addresses. I think this is a bad idea from both a performance and UI standpoint. We do have some locations with lots of subunits but most of the time it is a fairly short list.

I had not considered the "100 Main St, My City, My State, Zip (150 units)" idea but it is a thought. And if I could click it and see the 150 units that would be handy. However, if you have to click it to simply see 2, 3, or 10 units it becomes more cumbersome than useful.

I know this video doesn't come from an address locator but it does show some examples of subunits in our data set. Well, the video upload service isn't working right now so I will just include a link to the video: https://www.kgis.org/portal/portals/0/videos/misc/addresssubunits.mp4 

Thanks for looking into this and I feel sure you guys will come up with something that works.


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Thanks for this thread.  I am having the exact same issue on ArcGIS Pro 2.5 with the Create Locator tool.  I know for us, having sub addresses appear in the suggestions would be beneficial.  I don't see the point of having 100 suggestions as mentioned above but I would think it would act just like searching a typical address.  The more you type, the less suggestions you receive.  We use our locator for our work order system.  Without the correct Apt, Unit, Suite, etc. we would not be able to correctly track work order history.  We also use the locator to tie various permits to an address.


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Hey guys-  check out a suggestion of mine:     It's in the product plan....

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In Joe Borgione's link for his GeoNet idea - Provide Units in Suggested Addresses - this was implemented in AGP 2.6 according to Kory Kramer.

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Just to clarify... unfortunately, this has not been fixed yet.....

From Brad:

At Pro 2.6 we added support for suggestions for subaddresses but there is a requirement to enter the entire unit number for the suggestion to show....I am not saying we wont consider the enhancement for partial unit suggestions for a future release, I am just saying this isn't part of the Pro 2.6 release.

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This is still be an issue.  Pro 2.7.1

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