Can Pro MAP pan/zoom with Layout Map Series

01-28-2020 10:58 AM
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One of the great benefits of Data Driven Pages is the ability to create them based on any feature class.  One of my clients covered a very large area so I integrated map page and section number into a Section Feature and then included the QQ's that were in the map book. Set them up and I could instantly navigate to the correct section with a few keys.

Obviously Data Driven pages have been superseded by Map Series in Pro.

What I would like to know is there a way or some settings I can utilize to get my Map Tab to zoom/pan around with my Map  Series?

Example: I have a polygon layer of Substation Fences.  I created a Map Series based on the Sub Name.  It is quick and easy to select a sub and zoom to in the layout.  But to get to it in the map I either have to navigate to it or use a tool like Locate or Search by Attribute.

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Never Mind I figured it out. If you select the List by Frame tab and close the padlock it will move the map frame with the layout.