Arcgis Pro Text Note "Callout" has no leader by default, so should there be and additional feature called Text Note "Callout With Leader"

01-30-2020 09:18 PM
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I am stumbling greatly trying to understand how ArcGIS Pro creates and modify Map Notes.  I understand this to be what was Map Annotation in ArcMap.

My question is when I choose to insert a Map Note into the ArcGIS Pro map, and I choose any of the 3 scales, then I choose "Text Note Callout" then while in the world does this graphic/annotation NOT by default provide a leader???  I have to select this text note, modify, select annotation THEN right-click on the text note to choose to add a leader? 

I didn't realize that a callout is just the box with text which is not the case with ArcView and Arcmap after 30+ years of ESRI GIS software. 

I have spent hours and hours searching for the right combination of words - searching through GeoNet and ArcGIS Pro help for how to turn on the damn leaders.  I just happened to stumble into this by dumb luck I guess.

Someone please tell me the reasoning why I choose a Text Note Callout that it doesn't automatically come with the leader enabled (like is the case in ArcView and ArcMap)?  This is so ridiculously bad.  

Something so very, very, very easy 2 click process in ArcMap and ArcView has turned into a 11 click process - OMG - in ArcGIS Pro!

1. Click Insert Menu>scroll down to Map Notes (guessing what of the three scales I may want to use)

2. Click Create Features pane, find the just inserted template for text notes and select one of the 4 options of text note.  In this case I want Text Note Callout

3. Then click on the map to insert this callout (in between I can type text to use before selecting a point to insert)

4. Then while still selected go back to the Edit Menu and choose Modify

5. Then choose the Annotation tool

6. Then right-click on the Text Note Callout and choose Add Leader

7. Click on the new green handle to drag out and now there is a leader!

Is there a way to fix this on any ArcGIS Pro that I use to turn on Add Leader to a Text Note Callout by default?

So, perhaps what I am wanting is one more feature type called "Text Note Callout with Leader" and better yet, rename the existing feature to be "Text Note Callout without Leader"

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Once adding the leader, if I change the symbol properties in the attributes pane, the leader disappears!  I have to re-add it by right-clicking on the callout and Add Leader once again.

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Hi Aaron,

In 2.5 (coming soon), you will see this behavior when creating text notes with leader lines (annotation):



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That would be amazing!  ArcGIS Pro v2.4.3 just has this.  Hope v2.5 comes out real soon!