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possibility to use any GDAL version - even the newest

07-17-2023 10:04 PM
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as the title suggests, I'd like the possibility to use any GDAL version, even the newest (currently 3.7), without having to set up a separate conda environment.  

original question:

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A version is already available,,,

from osgeo import gdal

@DanPatterson thank you for your comment. I'm aware that I can use the 3.4 version, but that's not the newest version. I need an option which is currently only available in GDAL 3.7 and building a separate conda environment is no option. 


I think a reasonable compromise would be to add a "Conda" variable to the environment for Python based tools.

You would not be able to run for example ArcPy and GDAL 3.7 in the same script, but you'd be able to break out the work into separate steps. That would be acceptable to me.

(Hmmm I am pretty sure I could code some approximation of this up in Python...)

The default would be to use the Conda environment selected in Pro.