Expand topology further rules in detail results

05-31-2016 09:10 AM
Status: Open
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When you set up a topology to build topology rules for each polyline, or points, is there a way to get the results or summary for each Line or points Errors?

For example, when you set "Must Not Overlap", "Must not intersect", "Must Not self-overlap", etc. for the line?

The same way for the Point Errors, too.

We know we can symbolized them by set each color in the Symbology tab. The Problem is that it does not show you the numbers of errors for each rule and they only show you the colors. The Generate Summary only shows numbers of errors for each rule.

P.S. I am re-posting this again to make it more clarify. Here are the screenshots of what I am trying to display it here...

When you have the topology on your ArcMap and you have it on your TOC...it show yous like this :


So, does it show you how many errors are there ? So, you have to go back and look at the Summary ?Generate_Summary_Topology.png

Still it shows you how many errors for each rule right ?  You would have to open the Topology Layer properties to be able to check it right ?

It would be NICE if ESRI could add more further details for each error and for each rule and to display them in symbology on your ArcMap TOC ?



That is my suggestion for Topology for ESRI to consider .