web map asking for login information

02-04-2020 10:55 PM
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Recently I created advanced map using Sentinel-2. It shows fire on specific past date but It is not publicly access currently it is auto popup login information so is it possible to view without login?

webmap id: 79e1f429538b41698d97fc819dc412fe

URL: http://incaendiuminitiative.com/demo

Attached screenshot

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Make sure all the items that you are trying to show are not a premium content of some kind. If all the items are your own, I would check the sharing setting to make sure everything is set for public.

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Hi Swadesh,

I checked your services that the app is pulling and those don't seem to be a problem. Have you enabled subscriber content to be used in Web apps/Story maps?  

Using subscriber content in Web Apps and Story Maps 

If it's still prompting a log in.. Can you try the following workaround?

  1. Add the subscriber content via URL to the user Content page
  2. Embed credentials
  3. Use that in the web map to start with
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