Disable Download in ArcGIS Hub

07-09-2019 12:00 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

It would be helpful if we could disable the download functionality in ArcGIS Hub.  The download to SHP, CSV or XML will fail if the source data is too complex. Example https://geohub.lio.gov.on.ca/datasets/municipal-boundary-lower-and-single-tier


I support this idea.

The download function never really works with my datasets. The download files never get created beforehand, so the user has to wait for a long time. 

It would be easier for me to simply provide the download with a set of links in the description. To not confuse the user, I would like to disable the official download function. 



The inability to selectively turn off download in xxxxx.hub.arcgis.com is problematic for our GIS administrators as we spend 10s if not 100s of hours each year responding to our end user reports of failed downloads.

We know that some of our large/very large vector services and all of our image services will fail.  Even when we clearly state in description/metadata intended use for a service and caution against attempting to download, our end  users  sometimes don't heed our warning and click on the download icon anyway leading to their disappointment and increasing our workload.

Fundamental GUI design please.  Keep it simple and functional.

UPDATED Additional comments:

As an Enterprise GIS data and service provider serving 1000s of users both within and external to our organization, we have fully embraced the transition from discover and download to service consumption workflows.  Our user base, however, is much slower to adopt the transition.  Especially our public users in the AEC domain.  Until more widely accepted, we are constrained to continue to support discovery and download workflows.  Please help us to best provide for our customers by giving us the administrative tools we need to be effective.  Thank you.


I concur with the others. We have some large datasets that will NOT download and despite giving this info on the data page along with instructions on how to access/use it, people simply click download, it fails and then we get emails we must respond to restating these same facts. Wasted time and effort that would be better used elsewhere AND help to minimize frustration of folks attempting to discover and use these data on our Hub.