ArcGIS Online Additional Credit Expiration Notification

08-14-2018 02:37 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

Add a notification to ArcGIS Online to indicate that additional credits purchased are about to expire after 2 years.  Maybe give a 1 month or 2 month notice.  Possibly an email notification as well.

Background:  Purchased 1000 additional credits 2 years ago since it seems like we would be using AGO a lot.  We ended up not using as many credits as we thought we would on some projects/data storage. I didn't realize there was an expiration date on digital credits.  There were no notifications that they were about to expire last week and then had 600 credits disappear overnight.  Had I know or received some sort of notification, it would have been nice to test out some features of ArcGIS online with those expiring credits before they all disappeared.


A very similar situation happened to us, except we purchased 100,000 and only used up half the credits. We did not realize that they expire after 2 years. Without any warning, 52,000 credits disappeared overnight. Had we known that they expire, we would have encouraged our users to use more credits rather than putting a cap on their usage. 


I think this exact thing has happened to our Enterprise Account, only it was 50,000 credits.  I'm not happy about it at all, and no notification whatsoever is even worse.