AGOL Media Gallery for accessing across all applications

07-08-2020 11:12 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor III

I'd like a media gallery for all images & videos that I upload to applications, story maps, hub pages, etc.  I often find myself reusing and reuploading the same images over and over, likes our county logos and such.  These take up storage, and I occasionally get messages (like hub) that say I've already uploaded an image, and would I like to reuse it.  


A Media gallery that allows me to store images, icons, logos, thumbnails, videos, etc. and have it accessible to content, apps, sites, etc across the board and the like would be beneficial and allow for easier management.  


Think a content page in AGOL, but just for the media used in all applications.  


Scenario: Click on a logo : list of every app it is used in 

Scenario:  Go to hub, insert media widget, and choose option to upload from gallery (Currently, only a URL or a direct upload are available.  

Scenario:  New logo?  Replace image in gallery, image is updated in every story map and application.