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ArcPlot: locatecandidates, locatecriteria mindistance and locateallocate,

12-04-2013 10:10 AM
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ArcPlot: locatecandidates, locatecriteria mindistance, locateallocate

I order to find the best location of particular facilities the approach below is followed (please, have a look on the screenshot below). Here the software finds a specified number of facilities based on polygons and a certain field. For example, if the best locations of 10 clinics are required to be determine considering the size of smokers in each zone, then the analysis below can be applied.


Arc: w d:\n\results
Arc: dir info
Arc: ArcPlot
ArcPlot: locatecandidates mm poly smokers_g
ArcPlot: locatecriteria mindistance
ArcPlot: locateallocate n1 n2 n3 10
ArcPlot: &stat 9999
ArcPlot: Shadetype color
ArcPlot: mape mm
ArcPlot: linecolor grey
ArcPlot: polys mm
ArcPlot: spider mm poly n1 mm# site1 2

The output (below) is a spider that represents the locations of the facilities


My issue here is that I couldn�??t find an equivalent tool in the ArcMap (advanced) that does this sort of work.

This shouldn�??t be confused with the �??location-allocation�?� command available in the Network Analyst. The �??locatecandidates, locatecriteria mindistance, locateallocate�?� commands derives new locations from polygons (based on a field) while �??location-allocation�?� of the Network Analyst derives new locations from the already existing ones.


Thank you


Jamal Numan
Geomolg Geoportal for Spatial Information
Ramallah, West Bank, Palestine
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