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Migrate your Esri 2021 and Esri 2022 custom infographics

04-29-2024 10:13 AM
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When building infographics, the custom infographics are saved under the My templates tab. Custom templates are only available within the data source used to create them. For instance, a custom infographic made using the Esri 2021 data source will not appear under the My templates tab when using the Esri 2023 data source.

With the Esri 2021 and Esri 2022 data deprecation, custom infographics made using these vintages will be unavailable after the June 2024 release. We recommend downloading custom infographics made using Esri 2021 and Esri 2022 then adding them from a file to the Esri 2023 or Esri 2024 data source.

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