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I have some AVL data hosted in a 10.6.1 spatiotemporal big data store.  I'm trying to apply some filters in Pro based on the GPS timestamp but it's not working.  The Pro documentation covers supported functions for the traditional RDMS, shapefile, and file database formats, but doesn't discuss compatibility for the newer ArcGIS Online, Relational… (Show more)
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geoevent Our use case has 2 inputs and output is a Stream Layer- 1) Input 1 in includes stream of  sample time and AP Name connected at that time. 2) Input 2 includes Lat Long for AP ( look up table)   We want to join these 2 inputs to create a StreamLayer ( which has Sample Time, AP Name, Latitude, Longitude ) How can this be achieved in… (Show more)
in Real-Time & Big Data GIS
Hello everyone,   I have done time-animations within Arcmap on a small scale in the past, however, I now have a large data set I would like to animate but there are several issues that I have not been able to resolve through various youtube and esri tutorials and information.   I want to track the movement of persons output from a modal. The… (Show more)
in Real-Time & Big Data GIS
What are the pre-requisites for in regards to creating REST endpoint before we can used it in GeoEvent Streamer - Create Input - Input Type as "Receive JSON on a REST Endpoint". Any information for creating REST end point will be helpful !
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Hi All,   The locations of our vehicles are continuously being stored in a database using the GPS coordinates from the vehicle radios. Our office would like to access the stored data, convert them into point features and track their locations in a dashboard.    Has there been some examples/documentations on how this was done before? I would be… (Show more)
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I try to use Hadoop big data with ArcGIS Enterprise and GeoAnalytics (10.5.1). The environment is set to use Kerberos authentication to access the database. Is there anybody who can provide me any information how to connect to Hadoop with GeoAnalytics Server using Kerberos authentication?   Thanks for your help   Zakaria
in Real-Time & Big Data GIS
I have a dataset with 61 months of data and I have created a time cube aggregated by points with a start time of one-month time intervals.By my understanding there should be 60 Neighborhood Time Steps to execute.   However, when I try to execute an Emerging Hot Spot Analysis, the max time step is 45.
in Real-Time & Big Data GIS
As we use GeoEvent Extension in our office, people are starting to expand their thinking about what they "need" to be keeping track of.  Someone just stopped by and asked if I could display live train and air traffic.   I have seen some demos of air traffic through GeoEvent Extension, but have never asked where the information is coming from.  … (Show more)
in Real-Time & Big Data GIS
I am trying to join a CSV from an active and dynamic Google Sheet to a layer in AGOL. The idea is when the Google Spread sheet updates, the map updates by changing color based on the inputs on the spread sheet. When I join the data from CSV in Google Spread sheets to the layer in AGOL the "Create results as hosted features layer view" never… (Show more)
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