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I have an attribute table for a shape file, that has the attributes for a number of polygons. I have created a new field, that I need to have values of 1 or 0, based on whether there are attributes present in a different field. This is all being conducted within the same attribute table. 
in Urban and Regional Planning
I have been having a lot of difficulty generating mile markers for a route on ArcGIS Pro. After much trial and error I was able to create points along the desired line at the desired intervals, however, I wanted the symbology to reflect the mile number. I used various labeling techniques and ended up getting close to what I wanted - but it really… (Show more)
in Urban and Regional Planning
Click to view contentI have a shapefile of city streets polylines and an excel sheet with similar data. I need to select a street segment based on the two segments it intersects. Then I add the value from the "ID" field that corresponds with the excel sheet. Right now, I have to do this manually for thousands of segments by looking at the map and finding the… (Show more)
in Urban and Regional Planning
FYI,   Just wanted to share some nice example crime data Dashboards, built on Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS. These are real, live customer apps!   City of Brasilia, Brazil - Criminal Statistics Dashboard     City of Vancouver Police Dept, BC, Canada - GeoDASH Crime Statistics Dashboard     You can learn more about Operations Dashboard… (Show more)
I am trying to calculate CVI(coastal vulnerability index)using 7 parameters. shoreline change rate,geomorphology,mean sea level rise, tidal range, wave height,coastal slope and regional elevation.when i am putting the CVI formula in raster calculator it is returning me values in highest=1#INF and Low : -1.79769e+308. before applying the formula i… (Show more)
in Urban and Regional Planning