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I am attempting to expand on our open data #metadata for and I would like to know: What are the ArcGIS Online best practices for metadata and data dictionary content? Our organization's goal is to provide detailed field descriptions to clients, as well as all of the usual metadata content is a presentable format. Are there any… (Show more)
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I've been using ArcGIS for 15 years and when a few years ago during the Sony database hack, I thought of a useful modification to the metadata editor in ArcGIS.  We all know that there is an automatically updated location URL where our data is stored.  The problem I found is that when you export your SHP file or feature class within a file… (Show more)
I have ArcGIS Server 10.5.0, Build 6491 running on a Linux instance, and I have several map services published from feature classes in a non-versioned PostGreSQL SDE.  I've been working on creating metadata for all of them using ISO 19139 format.  For all but one, I've been able to create metadata and import it to the service, then finish up the… (Show more)