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Click to view contentI created an ISO 19139 metadata template. Before I imported it to test it I noticed I couldn't edit it at all. On the top of the editor in Arc Catalog on the description tab there is usually a choice to print, edit upgrade or import the metadata. On the template I created there is only a choice to print or import the metadata. I also tried… (Show more)
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Assume there are two (2) stakeholders who contribute for providing Geospatial data of a particular layer. The North-half and the South-half of the layer are regularly updated and provided by Stakeholder A & Stakeholder B respectively.  Both Stakeholders updates metadata too and supply each time.   At National level, we need to merge layers… (Show more)
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Hello,    Does anybody have experience/insight on whether it is possible to attach ISO metadata to rasters (DTED) within a mosaic dataset?      I am loading a bunch of DTED elevation raster data to a mosaic dataset. Our organization creates metadata that conforms with ISO 19139 xml implementation for each of the DTED tiles. I am trying to find a… (Show more)
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I generate Item Description-compatible ISO19115 xml files that are delivered with raster products.  I would like to include a thumbnail that will be displayed when the user opens the Item Description for the product, but have not been able to generate a binary string that matches the ArcGIS-generated binary format for the thumbnail image in the… (Show more)
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I work in a large company that has 1000s of spatial files. The metadata is all entered via Arc Catalog. We are doing a “health check” of all our metadata. i.e   What fields are being left blank, Is what is being entered consistent to standards   The Arc Catalog metadata records are XML files. It’s taken a great deal of effort, but have been able… (Show more)
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Just a reminder invite to the Metadata SIG meeting at EsriUC next Wednesday, July 11. This meeting was originally started by (now retired) FGDC metadata pioneer Sharon Shin back in the deep past (DOCUMENT.AML time) and is one of those events that make it worth the time and expense to get to EsriUC.    On the agenda this year: Current update on… (Show more)
in Metadata
I wrote metadata for a couple models that I created in ArcGIS Pro, and upon finding something in the metadata I wanted to change, I went back again to edit the metadata (right clicked on model in Catalog pane > Edit Metadata). However, after making my changes and clicking "Save," my work did not save. I have tried opening and closing the metadata… (Show more)