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ArcGIS Pro 2.1, Local install, Windows 10 I am trying to create a custom geographic transformation and then use it in the Project tool. I have used the create custom geographic transformation tool to create it - runs successfully. I went to the folder were the .gtf files are saved and I can see it there. When I use the Project tool and press… (Show more)
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There is no option to see spatial reference information when viewing the properties of a feature class when working in Catalog View or Catalog Pane in ArcGIS Pro 2.1.2.   You can only see spatial reference information when in in Map View and viewing the Layer properties > Source > Spatial Reference.     Has this been address in ArcGIS Pro 2.2?
project tool will not project from GCS_WGS_1984 to NAD83_2011.   Error says that the transformation isn't valid.  But the Tool help says thatt : "The parameter provides a drop-down list of valid transformation methods."  So how can it not be valid?   It won't reproject it to UTM, either.
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Any methods for auto calculating northing easting on point creation in a state plane database? Attribute assistant?    Thanks,  Joe 
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OK so I have found old posts about this from 10 years ago but nothing recent. I have a spreadsheet originally in excel, I have added new fields (longitude, latitude) as double, even saved as CSV yet data still comes in a line? I have used the excel to table tool still did not help. I have added to a blank arcmap without projection and to an arcmap… (Show more)
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 Can i just overlay it on a base map and make the fit as close as possible? (the scanned map I have has decimal degrees but its really old and doesnt seem to align to WGS 89 which is the coordinate system I want. 
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I'm working on creating a large number of flight routes, constrained by ETOPS. I've been using the Cost Connectivity tool using costs rasters that represent the ETOPS constraints. I then run the resulting routes through the Geodetic Densify tool, which works great for routes with mid-line vertices that indicate flight path changes. However,… (Show more)
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I am trying to produce some trail maps in UTM Zone 11 North, which is standard for my region. When I look at examples of other trail maps produced in this projection, the meridians, parallels and UTM grids are all perfectly parallel or perpendicular to the data frame. That is not the case when I use this projection. The parallels, meridians, and… (Show more)
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I have an area I would like to map. The extent of the area is approximately: -147 to -141 and 69.5 N to 70.5 N (North East Alaska). It falls right between two state plane zones and also between two UTM zones. For now, I just took the Alaska Albers projection and changed the central meridian to -144 and set the standard parallels to 69.6 and 69.8. … (Show more)
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