Never Want DevSummit to End? Keep It Rollin' with the GeoDev Webinars!

Blog Post created by aniessen-esristaff Employee on Aug 31, 2017

The Developer Outreach Team is proud to announce the solution to your DevSummit withdrawals! We listened and are excited to keep the greatest developer event going throughout the year via our GeoDev Webinar series. 


This is no ordinary developer webinar series; it’s a webinar series produced by developers for developers. Looking to build web, mobile, and desktop apps for any device? Learn as Esri Developer Outreach advocates demonstrate how the ArcGIS APIs, SDKs, and analytic capabilities can help you to do this! Join us to learn about the latest geospatial tools on the ArcGIS platform.


Our first webinar to kick off the series is "Discovering the ArcGIS JavaScript 4.x API", presented by Andy Gup and Rene Rubalcava. We understand how those of you who have been using 3.x and prior are interested in checking out how 4.x has improved and simplified the API. Its ability to work with map and layer web resources stored as items in the ArcGIS geoinformation model, and its support for building engaging and elegant user experiences is the draw for learning more. There are new capabilities that developers can use to make #webmapping #apps better than before. There is now native support for #vectortiles, and #widgets are extensible and more useful with #UI frameworks other than Dojo. There is also the capability to create local builds using our #Bower package on #GitHub. When it comes to apps that work with and edit features, improve the performance of your app using the #geometry #engine to do this work all on the client side, right in the browser. 


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