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Hey All,  I have one server which hosts the ArcGIS server the portal and 2 web adaptors I have successfully registered one of the web adaptors with the server but I am getting error while trying to register the second web adaptor with the portal (the portal is installed correctly and working) ESRI Arc + portal + web adaptors version 10.7.1… (Show more)
in Enterprise Architect
We would like to know if our main federated hosting ArcGIS Server (that is installed behind our firewall) can/should have a web adapter installed on it or if it should be in the DMZ?  We only need to access our REST endpoints of our hosting server from inside our network, so installing the web adapter for that server in the DMZ seems unnecessary.… (Show more)
I have a question about implementing a highly available ArcGIS Enterprise architecture. The documentation states that Windows DFS is NOT supported as a NAS/SAN. I understand why multiple target DFSR wouldn't be supported, due to file inconsistencies, but why, if Windows File Server is supported isn't DFS single target supported? They are, in… (Show more)
Hello GIS friends,   It is Monday and we are all hard at it and I am no exception!     I am trying to batch load built-in Portal members/users from a CSV file but it is not working for me. It says I need to have a CSV file that must contain a header (first line) with these field names: Email, First Name, Last Name, Username, Password, Role and… (Show more)
in Enterprise Architect
Hi,   We have ArcGIS Enterprise (10.6.1 Windows) deployment in one AWS region and now we want to move the whole deployment into another region. Can someone please suggest what are the dependencies and / or considerations need to be taken care of? What are the risk involved in this scenario?   aws arcgis enterprise deployment   Thanks & Regards… (Show more)
in Enterprise Architect
I am trying to run both serverScan and portalScan, but I do not see the output in the default output folder. What is it I am doing wrong?   Thank you GIS friends.
in Enterprise Architect