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This whitepaper from the ArcGIS Enterprise product management team, discusses the two ways data can be handled with the ArcGIS Platform:   User Managed: where data owners and admins are responsible for providing and managing the underlying storage infrastructure, e.g., file servers and database servers.   ArcGIS Managed: the concept of hosted… (Show more)
FYI,   This is a great blog by Jing Yan, a GIS Consultant from Esri Canada on security certificates and ArcGIS Enterprise.   Understand SSL Certificates for ArcGIS Server and Portal for ArcGIS   Enjoy,
Hello,   My boss wants me to confirm whether the Oracle Enterprise geodatabase that we have is OGC compliant or not. Along with that I need a way to confirm whether the standard Esri geodatabase is also OGC compliant by default.   I checked here:     The above lists "ArcGIS for… (Show more)
Great whitepaper by Shannon Kalisky that provides a technical overview of ArcGIS Enterprise, its software components, key concepts such as federation, and outlines 3 options for completing a migration from a standalone ArcGIS Server deployment to the standard configuration of ArcGIS Enterprise called the base ArcGIS Enterprise deployment. It… (Show more)