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I have setup simple linear referencing on a pipes layer by feeding in a line featureclass that contained start/end chainage values.  This create a M aware routes layer.  All the data is loaded into an Oracle Enterprise GDB.   This is being used in IBM Maximo.   Maximo is conifgured to pull its chainage values from the original attributes in the… (Show more)
ArcGIS 10.5.1 or ArcGIS Pro 2.1.2   I am working an LRS on a stream system, and from some earlier work, I have access to some station location data that would be perfect for a route calibration feature class.  I have the points, but they are just points, not Point M.  Is there a way to get these points into the proper type with out the Roads and… (Show more)
Hello,   I have conflict prevention enabled on our ALRS and a lock at our root version "QA_Edit. However, when editing, the notification that asks if you want to lock the route does not come up but the routes are locking. We have not received any of the other conflict notification alerts either.   How can we get these notifications back?    … (Show more)
I am trying to update intersection points in a Roads and Highways ALRS. The first time I updated no intersect points were updated. However, I did not choose to put in a date for the Start Time (optional) assuming that if no date were entered all intersection points would be updated. Is this the case?   Thanks, Ana