GIS for Conservationists

Blog Post created by ecp2-esristaff Employee on May 17, 2016

!Hi all, we hope this will be a useful resource for gis technology notes of use to conservationists.  This resource is planned to supplement the already great & growing technical exchanges useful for conservation GIS that happen on the SCGIS Listserver, the SCGIS Members Discussion Section, the Conservation GIS website, and several other more specialized support resources outlined in the list below:


-SCGIS LISTSERVER: free open access globally, email only,  text only, 5,000 members, text digest available


-SCGIS Discussions: Based on a collaborative content management system behind SCGIS.ORG.   For SCGIS members only (membership is simple and cheap),  receives full SCGIS LISTSERVER feed, is expanding support for forum-style postings that can include screenshots and images, not currently allowed on the LISTSERVER


-Conservation GIS: Plain html website.  Hosts growing number of multimedia tutorials.  Hosts video material from SCGIS Conferences not supported by the LISTSERVER or SCGIS Discussions. Includes selected Geonet postings.


-esri conservation program ArcGIS Online organization. 100 named publishers, easy to join, thousands of hosted data items, almost 100 specialist data sharing groups, growing list of open data portals.


-esri Github portal: (130 members, tons of python and javascript,  esri geoportal server open source )

-esri developer summit tech videos (31 videos covering many current topics in stats, open data, big data, 3D, API's, web)


-gis Stackexchange (hundreds of contributors)


-arcScripts: old-timers  remember how great this resource was before it was mothballed in 2010. Thanks to popular demand it has just been re-engineered and resurrected!


This new Geonet Blog and the "Conservation Tech" geonet group are anticipated to help provide more direct access to esri technical discussions, especially regarding mobile and offline field  technologies, as well as  a more collaborative platform for asking esri technical questions and finding technical resources relevant to conservation GIS problems.


Upcoming technology articles planned are:

  1. Current review of best laptop/field hardware for running ArcGIS 10.4

  2. Step-by-step instructions for setting up and open source PostgreSQL rdbms for ArcGIS Server, for increased

     speed and capacity

  3. Using Cloudbuilder to create and manage your own amazon virtual server

  4. Setting up and running a combined GIS website and ArcGIS Server instance on a single moderate-cost Amazon machine.


There is also currently a Google Docs site being developed for SCGIS articles, guidebooks, info and resources.


Worth listing as well, are the very active SCGIS social media groups and resources, including

- SCGIS main facebook page (475 members)

- SCGIS main linkedin page (2,505 members)

1. SCGIS Global Scholars (Facebook: 63 members, former scholars and friends)

2. SCGIS Scholars 2015 (Facebook: 26 members and friends)

3. SCGIS Scholars 2014  (Facebook: 30 members & friends)

4. SCGIS Scholars 2012

5. SCGIS 2011

6. SCGIS Zambia Chapter (Facebook: 41 members)

7. SCGIS Washington DC Chapter (google groups)

8. SCGIS Latin America super-chapter (google groups)

9. SCGIS Kenya listserver