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CMV - Configurable Map Viewer

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When i open the configurable map viewer demo link [] in mobile browser (firefox,chrome),icon images not displayed well. Below  is attached screenshot:   Please guide me.   Regards,
I used the cmv source code from ESRI, but the icon images are not properly displayed.  In general, the problems are: The embedded images display only on Chrome, but Not on IE & FireFox. When it is deployed in IIS 7.5, all of the icon images do not display well. I did only a few items modification as below: In \Search\css\Draw.css, modify… (Show more)
I have a custom widget that creates an InfoWindow where the user clicks on the map. In the window there is a list of ID's returned from a JSON service query. I want to make each ID a link so that the user can click on the ID and get more details. This could either be in the form of a second InfoWindow or in the form of an expanded list in the… (Show more)