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CMV - Configurable Map Viewer

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In case that the Result is null after clicking on the Search button, how can the DataGrid, which contains the results of the previous query, in hidden or closed?  Thanks.
I created a map service from a MXD.  No matter how I set the LAT/LON values, in the created map service, some of the LAT/LON values change somehow with additional decimals.  E.g. LONG_: -77.02193299999999    it should be -77.021933 Since it appears to be I am not able to do anything in ArcGIS Server, I would like to know where and how I can work… (Show more)
When i open the configurable map viewer demo link [] in mobile browser (firefox,chrome),icon images not displayed well. Below  is attached screenshot:   Please guide me.   Regards,
I used the cmv source code from ESRI, but the icon images are not properly displayed.  In general, the problems are: The embedded images display only on Chrome, but Not on IE & FireFox. When it is deployed in IIS 7.5, all of the icon images do not display well. I did only a few items modification as below: In \Search\css\Draw.css, modify… (Show more)