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CityEngine and Unity

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With this week's announcement by Facebook of the release of Oculus Go early 2018, I wonder if it will be able to display the VR datasets created by CityEngine.  Mark Z says that Oculus Go is 100% compatible with Gear VR, so anything you do with Gear VR you should be able to do with Oculus Go.  Has anyone at ESRI been able to test a pre-release… (Show more)
in CityEngine and Unity
I am a beginner on cityengine, I am working on a 3D model project of my city, now arriving at a stage where I have to import 3D objects to dissect the street network, the software is crashing and I can neither advance nor come back back, so I heard about a method of using tiles to optimize the work but I do not know anything about it ... can you… (Show more)
in CityEngine and Unity