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If you do this the projects are linked. The new projects edits are reflected in the old project. What is the process to stop this from happening  making the new project a stand alone project.
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Hi folks, I'm working in Pro 2.4 and trying to create Task that will:   1. Create a definition query based on an attribute value that will be defined by user input each time the task is run, and 2. Zoom to the features included in the definition query results.   I thought I would be able to configure a step command to use the 'Get Attributes'… (Show more)
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I published a geodatabase as a feature service to AGOL.  My intention is for users to keep the map layer current by using the online edit function.  Now I am wondering if there is a way to sync the online feature service with the local geodatabase that was originally published.
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Click to view contentCan't authorise ArcGIS Pro and thus can't start using the software. Please suggest ways to complete the process. Error says.'Your account couldn’t be used to authorize ArcGIS Pro because it is an ArcGIS public account’.
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Using ArcGIS Pro I built a model to create a file geodatabase and import shapefiles to it. When run in Model Builder, it completes successfully. Then I exported the model to a Python script and ran it from a command prompt. It went through the motions but instead of importing the shapefiles, it merely copied the shapefiles to the folder where… (Show more)
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Hellow team, i was trying to do Road accidents analysis in space and time, when Identify crash hot spots on the road network i do all the steps but stacked on computing hot spot analysis where by i failed to compute weights matrix file. Anyone who can help, i have stacked here and i cant proceed. On the exercise i was following up it came with the… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Pro Tasks
Hello, I'm attempting to georeference a map in ArcGIS Pro using given latitude-longitude coordinates. Instructions given at: indicate in step seven: "In the Adjust group, click the Add Control Points tool to create control points. To add a… (Show more)
Click to view contentI just finished the Automating Workflows using ArcGIS Pro Tasks web course and I'm trying to create a Task for a current workflow. The course had an example where one task step embeds the Select tool to grab a trail segment and saves that selection to a variable called Trails for use in the next step, where Select by Location is embedded.… (Show more)
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Click to view contentHello Christine Leslie, Jason Camerano, Amir Bar-Maor,ArcGIS Pro Tasks team and ArcGIS Pro team. I am attempting to use the "Additional Actions" capability of Tasks to both copy attributes and calculate fields either side of an Append function. However, neither are performing as expected. Here are the steps within my task: Select several points… (Show more)
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Hi, I am searching for a  method to create a new row in a table (in a GDB) and type in the data. We are trying to build up a workflow of tasks using Tasks in ArcGIS Pro. But something as simple as creating a new row in a table and type in the data seems not to be possible? 
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