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I am currently evaluating ArcGIS Pro. I have created a python script to add a feature class of points created from a table. If I load the script directly into the ArcGIS Pro IDE the script runs successfully and adds the feature class to the map containing the points. However, if I run the same script through a toolbox or python toolbox, ArcGIS… (Show more)
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Is it possible to query for a date range in ArcGIS Pro for a hosted data layer.  It gives me a "ERROR 000358: Invalid expression" when I try to select a date using the select by attributes tool.  What is the correct format to use when querying for dates on hosted data?   I would like to make this query the first step in a task.  Thanks for any… (Show more)
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In arcgis-pro-1.4.1, what happened to the Intersection and Midpoint tools from the ArcMap editor toolbar feature construction palette? They were the most useful tools there besides Trace.   I can't find anything in the ArcGIS Pro Online Help about them. Are they still available to be added as a Customization or are they not currently included?
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I am trying to work with the Capital Project Dashboard Solution but I cannot find it in the ArcGIS Solutions Add-in. Has it been pulled? 
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My question is:- --------------- Recently i installed ArcGis Pro in my organization (trail version). Our main goal is that some architectural building drawing need to shown in 3D model along with interior.  I Have seen many of ArcGis pro "Indoor campus" videos. And in the same way we are trying to build your data.  In that video's i have seen some… (Show more)
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I'm using ArcGIS Pro to map legal descriptions of easements. Is it possible to reopen a built traverse and edit line by line? As far as I can tell, once the traverse window is closed you can't get back into an existing traverse and confirm or edit the direction or distance, but I'm really hoping I'm wrong.
Error compressing Package.   Hello, I am using ArcGIS Pro V 2.1.2.     When attempting to share a project package I repeatedly get the error: "an error occured while compressing the package".  There does not seem to be any recovery. It occurs whether I check "Share  outside of organization" or not. Clearing cache does not help either.  Any ideas?
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I need the different level of geographies to have different boundary thicknesses, so that I call tell them apart on the map. Can you please help how to use Enable size based scaling in ArcGIS PRO
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I am attempting to use the ‘overlay route events’ tool in Linear Referencing. I want to use a point event table as the input and a line event table as the overlay. However when I select ‘line’ as event type for the overlay properties ALL other ‘event type’ changes to line. It appears that I cannot do a point-on-line overlay?? Is this a problem… (Show more)
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