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I am attempting to use the ‘overlay route events’ tool in Linear Referencing. I want to use a point event table as the input and a line event table as the overlay. However when I select ‘line’ as event type for the overlay properties ALL other ‘event type’ changes to line. It appears that I cannot do a point-on-line overlay?? Is this a problem… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Pro Tasks
I set up my symbologies to show the features in a layer like I want.  Now I want the selected feature in that layer to appear differently than the unselected features.  In Arc Map one simply changes the selection property by going to "show selected features with this symbol" and then chooses the symbol he or she wants.  In pro the only thing I… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Pro Tasks
Hey all, I'm just starting to get my feet wet with ArcGIS Pro Tasks, and I'm finding that I can't launch a Geoprocessing Service context menu or Execute Geoprocessing Tasks as a Step.  Is anyone else seeing this, or might I be doing things incorrectly?
in ArcGIS Pro Tasks
I'm creating a very basic arcgis pro task which 1) Removes join 2) Add Join   This simply refreshes records used for labelling for a monthly hardcopy print out   I'm doing this becasue I dont think you can (easily) label based on related records   This task breaks my label expression however (not sure why)   The label expression is set to:… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Pro Tasks
I'm working on the Prerelease arcgis pro, and maybe this will be addressed at the final release, but I am having a hard time with the unique values symbology.  Like ArcMap the default unique symbology adds the, in my opinion, the annoying "All Other Values" class.  In Pro I can't find a way to delete this, or at least NOT to show up in the… (Show more)
in ArcGIS Pro Tasks
Are there shared tasks available to help some one get started, save time creating new tasks, and/or reduce the "recreate the wheel" syndrome?
in ArcGIS Pro Tasks