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I'm working on the Prerelease arcgis pro, and maybe this will be addressed at the final release, but I am having a hard time with the unique values symbology.  Like ArcMap the default unique symbology adds the, in my opinion, the annoying "All Other Values" class.  In Pro I can't find a way to delete this, or at least NOT to show up in the… (Show more)
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Are there shared tasks available to help some one get started, save time creating new tasks, and/or reduce the "recreate the wheel" syndrome?
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I have a simple task that I am wanting to setup for a new ESRI user. It is a simple workflow of select by attribute, zoom to selection, create feature, calculate acres, and save edits.  The task works fine when I have the project open, but as soon as I save the task and project, close the project, and reopen the project. The task no longer… (Show more)
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Finally committing some time to fiddle with Tasks (Pro 1.4.1). Is there a way to hide fields in embedded attribute tables to focus the editor's attention on specific fields?   Initially I was using the Get Attributes command to narrow this down (and it looked great!). But it falls apart if/when that layer is removed and re-added, so this seems to… (Show more)
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I'm working on a layout in ArcGIS Pro. I've added a UTM grid but in order not to obscure the map data I would like to show only the grid interesects as hatches. This was possible in ArcMap but I cannot find a similar option in Pro.
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I have a Task where one of the Steps is to Automatically run a Python script.   I have AddMessage's at points where the script might fail and showing the progress of the script.   Where does it show these messages when it is a Step in a Task.  When I run the script stand alone it shows these messages in the Geoprocessing tab, but not when it is a… (Show more)
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In arcgis-pro-1.4.1, what happened to the Intersection and Midpoint tools from the ArcMap editor toolbar feature construction palette? They were the most useful tools there besides Trace.   I can't find anything in the ArcGIS Pro Online Help about them. Are they still available to be added as a Customization or are they not currently included?
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