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Hi Jason Camerano, Amir Bar-Maor,     I am going through your ArcGIS Pro Task explanatory videos. Can you please help me in below two situations. 1. How can we make Field as mandatory field - using Tasks.(i hope you are not using attribute rules/ making field as non-nullable field) (ArcGIS Pro Tasks: An Introduction - YouTube     : Screen at… (Show more)
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As a geodatabase administrator, how do I access the version manager in ArcGIS Pro in order to delete a version that has been abandoned by the user (they no longer work here)?  I have reviewed this document Versioning in ArcGIS Pro—Geodatabases | ArcGIS Desktop  and not found it helpful for my needs. If I'm not editing a version, how can I access… (Show more)
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What are the best tools to measure building heights from imagery and what type of Image format do I need to achieve this? I have my image files in tif format, do I need to convert image to particular format to achieve this? Please let me know. Thank you in advance
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Click to view contentI am working with two layers, a point layer of crime locations and a point layer of police station locations: For each police station, I would like to calculate the number of crime points that are closer to it than to any other station. For example, 30 crime locations occurred closest to police station X, while 50 occurred closest to station Y,… (Show more)
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I am simply trying to create an empty feature class but the tool never makes it past "Running...". It will not give an error and instead just never finishes running. If I try to cancel the tool, it will continuously attempt to cancel without ever finishing. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the program twice now.    Thanks,
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Click to view contentHi all! So I'm trying out some tasks in Pro to speed up my workflow. I created a simple task that copies 3 attributes from one selected point feature to another one. The first step does the copying, the second step pastes the attributes into a different (selected) point:   When I run the task, it takes about 4-5 minutes (!!) to finish. Then… (Show more)
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Does anyone have any tips for animating a time enabled KMZ in Pro? I know I have to convert it to a different format but am unsure to what.
in ArcGIS Pro Tasks
I am trying to create a task for versioning and a few other steps.  I know manually you have to view Data by Source and then select the source of the data you want to version, then the versioning ribbon appears.  Is there anyway to make the version appear in the task design editor to run as a task step?  I've been looking but can't find a way to… (Show more)
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I have imported an excel file and I need to change one of the field types from double to text to be able to complete a join.
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