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Hi, The Zone Lookup template is not responding after an address is put in to the search bar.  it is finding the result in the geocoder, but the map is not putting a pin in or zooming to that zone (or address).  I can click on the map, but I want people to put in an address and get the zone returned.  Any help with this is appreciated.  Thanks!… (Show more)
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Other than the jewelry box theme template, is there any other way of configuring a web app with the legend always visible?   I have a simple map with only one layer with simple symbology in it, I need to show the legend all the time, so people don't have to click on a widget to get the legend up... the jewelry box theme has half the map taken up… (Show more)
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Hi,   Do we have a feature in ArcGIS online that modify the visuals of attribute tables (Colors of the table, etc).    I use ArcMap and ArcGIS online. From sources on the internet, it seems that I could only change the font and selection colors through ArcMap.  In ArcGIS online, I could not modify the attribute table there.   Do we have… (Show more)
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I'm trying to create a project template with a project connected to several web map services. Every attempt to create a template projects ends with: "ERROR: code:500, Error performing query operation, Internal server error".   I am not trying to save this to a network/server. I am attempting to save it to my local drive. I also do not have any… (Show more)
Is it possible to have someone start to take Survey (1), then in the middle have them take an optional Survey (2), and after they have finished Survey (2) they are brought back to Survey (1) to finish?   I also need both of the Survey results to remain separate.    Thank you. J
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Click to view contentI've configured an Arcade expression to open a feature in Survey123.  This works well in my web map. When people click the link, the item opens in Survey123 where it can be edited.   I wanted to create an Attachment Viewer app so that people can review inspections, and should they need to make edits, they can click the link and edit in… (Show more)
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Each time I alter some of the colours or recolour icons the OSM map becomes really load and does not load completely, is there anything that could be done to address this or is there any particular reason why or thing to be avoided?   I am modifying colours on polygons/lines and also recolouring icons (not replacing them).   any thought is… (Show more)
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