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I'm new to ArcGis online, any recommendations/ training for how to use it?
in ArcGIS for Desktop Training
Hello,  I'm pretty new to ArcGIS and I'm trying to project an excel sheet with XY data as a shapefile. I have tried saving the excel sheet as a text file then in ArcGIS>add data> XY Data, then export the data as a shapefile. The points plot, but they plot very far off the intended mark (a basic state map). I've changed the coordinate system, I've… (Show more)
in ArcGIS for Desktop Training
Hi ,  I develope command with ArcObject SDK Add-in for 10.5 ArcMap.I created my own polygon element  (MyElement) inherit PolygonElementClass , IElement, IPersistStream for Index Maping jobs in ArcMap for customers .But I have problem when I save and open document after adding my Element (MyElement)  in GraphicsContainer.   Here is below  my… (Show more)
Bonjour tous le monde, SVP J'ai un problème lors de l'exportation des données d'un tableau qui j'ai mis en classe de relation avec un fichier de forme, et j'ai réussi à créer cette classe de relation et collecter les données par collecter for Arcgis et le partager encore une fois dans mon arcgis Desktop mais avec un tableau vide et qui m’affiche… (Show more)
in ArcGIS for Desktop Training
Hello all.  I am using ArcMap 10.5.1 with an Advanced license.   For some reason, I am unable to load LAS files unto my LAS dataset. Adding files through the LAS Dataset Properties gives me this error:   Going through the Create LAS Dataset route gives me this:   However, if I use an LAS dataset I have created in ArcMap 10.4.x, that same… (Show more)
in ArcGIS for Desktop Training
Through out the ArcGIS desktop documentation there are numerous sample scripts that refer to data in c:\Projects such as c:\Project\Project.mxd. Where can I find/download this data please?
in ArcGIS for Desktop Training
I'm attempting to create training samples of different land use covers from an orthophoto in order to run a Maximum Likelihood Classification. When I open the Training Sample Manager and attempt to create the samples--via  shape or by drawing my own polygon--they won't hold unless they are absolutely massive. If I try to draw a small square around… (Show more)
in ArcGIS for Desktop Training
Is it possible to "tell" the Pivot Table to preserver null values. It is turning them into 0's.   Thank you,   Randy McGregor
in ArcGIS for Desktop Training
I installed 10.6 yesterday late and noticed today that the buffer wizard crashes ArcMap every time I try to use it.    I used the buffer tool instead but figured I would make a note of this indirectly for tech support.  Here is an error message from Event Viewer:   Faulting application name: ArcMap.exe, version:, time stamp:… (Show more)
in ArcGIS for Desktop Training
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