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Is there any possibility of georeferencing a non-nadir image in ArcMAP/Pro? I understand we can use only aerial photos or satellite images for georeferencing, however We have a unique situation here where we need to "georeference" non-nadir images.    I understand that the georeferencing results would not be accurate but I still would like to… (Show more)
in ArcGIS for Desktop Training
 I have one csv. file with geologic core hole the fields are its name and its northing and easting. In my other csv. file I have the core log data, so each hole drilled has multiple rows of corresponding strata thickness in the core log. My related columns in both tables are the core hole name, so I am relating one to many. My problem is when I go… (Show more)
in ArcGIS for Desktop Training
I am not able to check out while renewing the ArcGIS Personal use license as there is a mandatory field for entering #Promo Code. I don't have a promo code.   What could be the best possible way out?
in ArcGIS for Desktop Training
I have inherited an .mxd project that is using a character marker symbol for points. The symbol is to represent a 4' x 8' rectangle on the ground. The outline needs to be thinner but I haven't been able to find anyway to do that. I'd like to just make a new symbol, but I don't know how to do that with specific measurements! Any help would be… (Show more)
in ArcGIS for Desktop Training
Hello.. I need some help. On arcmap I am using ArcScan function for vectorisation raster... I have a few PC some of the PC the arcscan function are disable and some was enable.. With same step and same data.. What is the problem
in ArcGIS for Desktop Training
Hello I tried to create a polygon using XY table as explained in the Esri support. The half of the process was done as expected and the rest didn't go well. I converted the excel to table and the points were populated on the map. The process of XY to line was done as it was explained, but there were no lines between the points. I checked… (Show more)
in ArcGIS for Desktop Training
Am using ArcGIS printing service to print maps. But my layout dropdown is not getting populated. It is blank and hence am not able to proceed with the map printing. And this behaviors is inconsistent, though. Meaning the layout gets populated sometimes. Can anyone please throw some light on this?  Thanks in advance.
in ArcGIS for Desktop Training
Hello,   I need to connect an excel sheet exist in a SQL server & this excel sheet is refreshable "update its data per day or per hour"  How Can I connect this excel sheet in ArcMap and continuation see the refreshable data and display it in ArcMap as a feature class and perform the required analysis?   Thanks.
in ArcGIS for Desktop Training
hi. arcmap ellpilse type line feature loading after cartograpic line symbol in property set map layer display momentarily arcmap program shutdown.   symbol configration: these format hidden type dot set 4 filled 2 empty 4 filled .   feature full count ex 118.   test playing: specific data export to display no-problum. in data single… (Show more)
in ArcGIS for Desktop Training
Whenever I try to expand an .xlsx file in ArcCatalog to bring into ArcMap to do a join, ArcMap gives the error   'Failed to connect to database. An underlying error occurred. Class not registered.'   So I searched the ESRI forums for a solution to this and found I need to install a 2007 Microsoft driver but when I click on the link to take me… (Show more)
in ArcGIS for Desktop Training
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