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Hi everyone, First time poster. I need to calculate the MinimumBoundigGeometry of an IGeometry. There is this function in ArcObjects SDK 10.2 ? What's the name ? I Hope in your help. Adriano
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Today I found that I can't access help on any system tool when I click <Tool Help> button. It says (see attachment):   Can’t reach this page Make sure the web address //ieframe.dll/dnserrordiagoff.htm# is correct Search for this site on Bing Refresh the page   I afraid it is Windows 10 October update in action. Anybody, who knows how to fix… (Show more)
in ArcGIS for Desktop Training
hello, I want to ask something. How can I get a trial version for ArcMap?
in ArcGIS for Desktop Training
Hello!      Any help would be greatly appreciated. Fellow students and myself are attempting to recreate an area using ArcPro. When we load the project into the scene there is an issue with the elevation (seen in screenshot below).   When we convert the model from 2D to 3D the world imagery and elevation in ArcGIS Pro creates this staggered or… (Show more)
I'm having some problems with the Import Metadata Tool in ArcCatalog 10.4.  I'm setting the Metadata options to FGDC CSDGM metadata. I have a basic workflow to export the metadata from one source element (an .mxd file), edit the metadata in a text editor, and then import the metadata to another output element (another .mxd file).     When I view… (Show more)
in ArcGIS for Desktop Training
IF I have a folder with to many photos and i need put it in a field (raster field) of a feature class, what tool i would use???   Not one by one, please.   I know the name of the photo should be the same to the a field, for syncronize but i don´t know the tool
in ArcGIS for Desktop Training
I've generated a simple 20 mile buffer on a point in Southern California but it comes out as an ellipse. When I use the measuring tool the buffer ring is 20 miles from the point, but shouldn't it be a circle? I'm using GCS North American 1983 for the coordinate system and the Datum is D North American 1983.
Whenever I sketch a line in ArcMap 10.2, the Trim to Length gives 0.00 length to the line thus I can't trim it to the length I want. Is there a property I need to set so the Trim to Length tool measure the length of the line?   Thanks,
in ArcGIS for Desktop Training
The how-to guide for creating a startup log (How To: Create an ArcMap startup log) is potentially useful but I'm trying to investigate issues with opening particular MXDs.  Is there a way to run this and specify a particular MXD to open?  I've tried arcmap.exe <mxd path> /log but get an error saying the file can't be found, even though the path… (Show more)
in ArcGIS for Desktop Training
Click to view contentHi, I'm looking for the tool where you can reshape a polygon based on another polygon or feature.  But instead of tracing the new border, you simply draw a line that crosses the border of the existing polygon and incorporates any border found within the line.  It's hard to explain, but I will include a photo. I've also included a photo of what… (Show more)
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