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Click to view contentHello, I have created an address locator where the reference data is a shapefile of county parcel data. I then geocoded utility service addresses using my custom locator, which worked quite well. However, I am having trouble relating the parcel APN (feature in shapefile) to the geocoded utility address attribute table. I have tried to select the… (Show more)
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I have over 100 georeferenced shape files that I created in a program we pay for called SOCET GXP. Is there anyway to export them as .obj or .stl files? My intent would be to 3D print these buildings in a way so they are referenced accordingly . I currently have licenses to ARCMAPS, and ARCPRO. I was able to convert the shapefile to a .obj file… (Show more)
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I really would like to customize my ESRI software to read MIDS-GIS be it the software i sell to my clients or products i do using my company account all to be accessed as MIDS-GIS instead of ArcGIS al how can i buy, or achieve that? I am in Uganda and I normally use Esri E.A in Nairobi when i need software. Yes I acknowledge that Esri is the… (Show more)
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What are the 3D Tools for Power lines?  The 3D Tools for Power lines solution is a collection of ArcGIS Pro tools that simplifies and automates the process of creating 3D visualizations of transmission and distribution lines. The results can be published and visualized in a 3D scene which can be easily shared with stakeholders or the public.   … (Show more)
What is the 3D Flood Impact solution?  The 3D Flood Impact solution can be used to visualize and assess the impact of a flooding event on the existing landscape. The result of the analysis can be visualized in a 3D scene or Operations Dashboard which can be easily shared with stakeholders.   … (Show more)
Make sure to check out the January 2019 release of the Local Government 3D basemap solution. This is a major release with a number of important updates:   40% reduction in steps required for elevation, 3D buildings, floors and 3D trees publishing. Faster processing speed when creating elevation layers. Faster processing speed when extracting and… (Show more)
When i use arcgis runtime IOS 100.4.0,I Find that:【ArcGIS Runtime supports only scenes with the following values set: version - 1.10.0 or greater viewingMode - global 】 The "100.4.0" api  does not support local scenes, environment (lighting) settings, app metadata, presentation slides, clipping, range info, or vertical coordinate systems. This… (Show more)
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Hello, I have a question. I hope you can help me. I have a 3d model created with a UAV. I want to know how can I integrate this 3d  model on the GIS map? I have fbx, mtl, obj files. 
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Helllo everyone, I am developing a 3D webapp using esri technology for my masters thesis..I need some insights into developing the 3D Visualisation app, and really want to make it very nice and beautiful. I know the 3-step process to build a web app and i also know that the widget for 3D is not enough for the functionality of my app. Please, i… (Show more)