What about the restroom congestion at 2019 ESRI UC?

07-13-2019 01:57 PM
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First- Thank you for the Women in GIS events at ESRI UC 2019. 

Now, to the restroom wait times and inequitable outcome issue. While I was walking around during the UC, I noticed that some restrooms always had lines while others were under utilized.

There is technology to track traffic flows and re-route traffic to prevent congestion. This may be a really odd idea but how about applying that technology to traffic flow in ladies rooms during the 2020 UC? ESRI invested all the time and effort to utilize ArcGIS Indoors at the UC so why not look into adding this feature and provide shorter wait times for women waiting to use the restroom and their colleagues waiting for them outside the restroom? I'd walk a little farther to a restroom without a line if I knew where it was. 

Is this too strange of an idea?

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Thank you for your feedback! WeCan will be including this feedback in our debrief with leadership on diversity, equity, and inclusion at the UC.  Do you have any other related feedback on anything else that we can include?  Other things that worked well or could be improved as it relates to diversity, equity, and inclusion?  Please share!

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I love this idea!

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Great idea.. but on a side note - reading this made me think how lucky we are that there are soo many women in GIS now!  Other geosaptial sciences, not so much. I can't tell you the number of surveyor conferences and seminars I've attended in the last few years where there has been a line at the men's room and absolutely no waiting in the ladies' room. I often joke about this being one of the great things about surveying conferences, but it's pretty sad to see only 1 or 2 other women at these conferences. 

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Haha! Yes, it is wonderful that there are so many women that the bathrooms are over capacity  ! We will still work to address this issue though, as we don't want women missing important sessions and other opportunities because they are stuck standing in line. Thanks all for the great feedback.