Use of the Local Layer Widget?

02-16-2016 01:04 PM
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I've been successfully using the Local Layer widget and it's been working great.  Lots of layers and great functions, I've even been able to use some additional layer types with it.  Is there any reason I shouldn't be using it?  Is there any reasonable argument for keeping everything through a web map instead of adding the services / layers directly?  I've had its use questioned and was looking for any discussion as to why one way or the other may be "better".

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   I have been using the LL widget ever since it came out and it has been a champ for me. One reasonable argument for having all your layers in the web map though is that the LL widget is a custom widget and is likely to get broken with each new release of WAB as the development team makes breaking changes. On the other side of the coin though is the benefit of using the LL widget is that you can use your ArcGIS Server investment directly and not have to go though a webmap which is just a pointer back to the ArcGIS Server services that you would be adding using the LL widget.