How to convert by javascript a layer extent from ITM (israel Tranverse Mercator) to geographic coordinate system?

10-11-2021 12:45 AM
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I develop on WAB. When 3D scene is displayed, then in order to goto to the extent of a feature layer which is defined on ITM coordinate system, I need to convert the layer Extent to be represented by geographis coordinate system, and I have not succeeded yet.

Help will be greatly appreciated. 

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You would have to use the GeometryService project method to project this extent to a geographic coordinate system.

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Dear KenBuja, thank you!

using js api 4.* I understand I need

I'll try. I'll appreciate to see somce code example for e.g. Point, or on what I need now - an extent.

I am also bewildered about the "url" param of the "project" method.

Can I use the or is it only for testing, and I need something else?

The web app I am developing (with WAB developer edition) is meant to run on a portal, version 10.8.1

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