Enhanced Locate Widget Version 2.16 - 08/21/2020

10-02-2015 08:52 AM
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Enhanced Locate Widget Version 2.16 - 08/21/2020

Here is another widget for the Web App Builder.

Live Preview Site

Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS | Help - eLocate Widget


  • Locate and address (like the search widget, but gives you the ability to limit the address search to the maps current extent).
  • Locate coordinates using user defined spatial reference coordinates (i.e. DMS, State Plane, Etc).
  • Reverse Geocode capability called Address Inspection. Address Inspection is clicking on the map and getting the address of the map click point.

List of the latest enhancements and changes:

  1. Fixed issue with result tab being disabled and widget attempting to select the results tab.
  2. Fixed feature popups not working when the address inspector is activated and widget is closed.
  3. Add ability to specify a transform WKID.
  4. Added ability to specify the WKID that coordinates in the popup are displayed in.

Older Versions

Last 2.9 version

Last 2.7 version

Last 2.5 version

Last 2.4 version

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Hi Robert,

We use your widget a lot, and it works flawlessly with WAB 2.12. After upgrading to WAB 2.15, the WKID can't be set. Even when I use the values from your example, I only get empty fields. Here is what it looks like:

Any help would be highly appreciated.

   This is an issue that has been discussed a couple of time here. See this thread for the workaround.



I can't download the json file from here: https://gis.calhouncounty.org/wab/wkidDetails.json

The URL seems to be broken. Could you upload it somewhere else?

Many thanks in advance.

I just tested the link and it works fine.

I checked it using different PCs and different ISPs, the URL is unavailable. I can't access your Live Preview Site, either. Is it possible that calhouncounty.org uses geoblocking and it is inaccessible outside the US?

True I didn’t consider that. The way that you will have to fix this is to open that file and copy the text into a online JSON linter and find the syntax error in there or just copy that file from your older 2.13 or less version of WAB.


Dear Mr. Robert Scheitlin, GISP,

we are using enhanced locate widget in the field of water resources. Our need would be to display the coordinates of WGS and Hungarian projection (EOV) simultanously in the same map pop-up window.

F.e. When I specify WGS coordinates, I expect that EOV coordinates will be displayed at the same time as well in the pop-up.

I have tried to change the JS code, however it is still not solved. What do you advice? Thank you in advance!



   Here is a reply where someone asked a similar question and I answered already:


Dear Robert,

we have tried to change the code accordingly. The code is simple javascript. It is not clear, how could we change it so, that we can see the coordinates transformed into Hungarian projection.

The related section for displaying the coordinates:


   Not sure how that code has anything to with my widget... But in the code above you need to project the geometry to your desired wkid. So you need to use the Geometry service project method as shown in the code I referenced earlier.

esriConfig.defaults.geometryService.project(projParams, lang.hitch(this, function(results){


Hi Robert,

Thanks for this great widget. I am having an issue with the "Inspect Address" tool - in the title where the address should be, I instead see "eLocate". This only occurs for locators created in ArcGIS Pro using the "POI" role. Is this something that can be fixed within the widget JS file?



   That is the default behavior when the locator does not provide a address. This widget is not been designed or tested to work with POI locators from Pro.  I could possibly provide to code change guidance if your locator is public for me to access and test against. 

@RobertScheitlin__GISP, that would be wonderful. The locator is public and available here: https://public.sagis.org/arcgis/rest/services/Locators_Pro/MAD_POI_FullAddress/GeocodeServer

The "Point of Interest" is mapped to our Full Address field.


Is there a new version of this, trying to add to Webapp Builder 2.20. When trying to configure the widget and add a map coordinate unit I get an error. Regardless of what WKID I put in the text input will remove the text and the text box becomes red. So I am unable to add a new coordinate system.


Error Message using developer tools.


Any help would be appreciated. 




This is a bug in WAB since 2.13 or earlier. The Fix is noted in this thread.




Thanks for the fast response. Yes, updating the wkidDetails.json file did the trick. It is working now!

Hi Robert,

I'm having a similar issue with not being able to add in the WKID when adding my own map coordinate unit. However I've added the tool as an appbuilder extension to my portal, so the custom widgets can be added into the portal web app builder (not dev edition) so where would you advise I add the new JSON to? I see it in the folder; Portal\apps\webappbuilder\stemapp\jimu.js\SpatialReference 


any help is greatly appreciated!


I am not a portal user but that looks like the right path.

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