Water Distribution Utility Network Migration Tools

04-30-2018 07:27 AM
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Version 3 of the Water Distribution Utility Network Migration Tools are now available for download from this post.
The Water Distribution Utility Network Migration Tools help you transform water distribution system data from a geometric network to a utility network using FME or ArcGIS Pro with the Data Interoperability Extension.  It includes a workbench, a schema mapper, tools, sample data, and documentation. 
The provided workbench, schema mapper, and sample source data are set up for a schema that is very similar to how a water distribution system was represented as a geometric network in the Local Government Information Model (LGIM) or the water editing tools.  You will need to further configure the workbench and schema mapper for your source data.
Please use this GeoNet discussion to ask questions and share your feedback.  
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This page feels a little bit unloved - would it perhaps make a bit more sense to be posting these on the "data model status" thread?
I had been told to check the "status" thread for this latest version of these tools (by a representative of Safe, who thought that's where it would appear), and hence have only just discovered it today, 2 months after you posted it!

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Thanks Andrew, good feedback.  We'll post in the data model thread as well if we do any further updates.

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Howard Crothers

Is the zip file included here the latest version of migration tools? If it is on the Data Model thread, can you please post the URL to that thread?

Also, there is another reference to loading Water data into UN specified at Overview—Get Started | ArcGIS Solutions for Water Is this the same toolset? If not, what are the differences and which is better? 



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Vish Apte‌ the last published version is attached to this thread.  Going forward we are no longer updating the migration tools with each update to the Water Distribution Utility Network Foundation.  Savvy Data Interoperability extension users or FME users should be able to easily modify the zip file to reflect the input of the most current asset package.  

Another option to load data into an asset package for loading into a utility network is the Data Loading Tools.  This is a configuration of the Data Loading Tools for loading a typical water distribution geometric network to a utility network - Water Distribution Utility Network Data Loading | ArcGIS Solutions for Water  This is not the same toolset as the Migration Tools and does not utilize the Data Interoperability Extension or FME.

In my opinion, neither the Data Loading Tools nor Migration Tools are "better".  Rather they are different tools you can use to get the job done.  The Migration Tools are really just showing you how to leverage FME or the Data Interoperability Extension to load data to the asset package.  For skilled FME / Data Interop users or data translations that require a substantial geometry manipulation, you may be better using the Migration Tools approach.  

The Data Loading Tools may be a better fit for users that don't have experience with FME / Data Interop and their source data doesn't require a lot of geometry manipulation.  It also may be a better fit for users with a target schema that is close to the typical industry representation of a water distribution system (i.e. a geometric network with the Local Government Info Model or Water Editing Tools schema).

Hope that helps.



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Thanks Howard Crothers

Makes sense. 



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