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ArcHydro Subwatershed Point Movement Issue

04-22-2024 11:38 AM
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I have been delineating HUC12 watersheds into HUC14's for almost a year now, using the same ArcMap process consistently. Occasionaly, I will have to move the BatchPoints to make sure the boundaries are filled out properly (say it has 2 or more outlets).

Within the last week a new error has occurred that I've never seen before: After the BatchPoints are set, I try the "Batch Subwatershed Delineation" tool which creates a subwatershed point, and a subwatershed boundary based on that subwatershed point. It seems like for some of these BatchPoints I've been working with the last couple days occasionally will place the Subwatershed Point 2-3 cells away from the Str layer I'm targeting, making the subwatershed boundary a 1x1 cell. 

I have found that re-doing the Adjoint Catchment Processing step fixes this. But my main point in making this post is to see if this is due to some new update with ArcHydro put out in the last 7-14 days?

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