Arc Hydro - Extract Impervious Surfaces Using Deep Learning & Sentinel Imagery

05-28-2021 11:32 AM
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Predict the Impervious, Pervious, and Open Water Areas for Any Watershed

A new Arc Hydro tool, Model Impervious Surfaces Using Sentinel Imagery, is now available. With an input watershed boundary and ArcGIS Pro credentials, this tool accesses the Living Atlas to acquire Sentinel-2 imagery and the pre-trained Landcover Classification model. Without any additional training data, initial landcover predictions are generated and then reclassified into categories relevant to hydrologic modeling: impervious, pervious, and open water. The tool can be found in the Watershed Processing Arc Hydro Pro toolset, and more detailed information on tool use is available here.

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Before getting started, be sure the deep learning frameworks are installed for your version of Pro.