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07-07-2021 12:12 PM
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As in the previous years, I would like to go to the Esri Agenda and highlight the topics I want to attend so I can manage time effectively. With so much interesting presentations and workshops going on during the conference it will be hard to manage time effectively if it is not well planned in advance. Unlike in the previous years this year I do not see where I can go and check-mark the items and topics I'm interested in attending. Please help me plan.

Thank you for your help.


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From the Esri UC 2021 page (Sign-in with your registered Esri account.) > Agenda > See Full Agenda.

Here you can click on the star icon next to the sessions you are interested in (to add to Favoutites).



You can then filter the session by clicking "Show Favourites Only" checkbox.



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Has the above workflow worked for you? If it did, please mark it as "Accept as Solution".

If it didn't please let me know what you see when you follow the above steps.

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