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UC 2017 Daily Updates Day Three (Wednesday)

07-13-2017 10:47 AM
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Welcome to Day Three of our UC coverage here on GeoNet! 

Note: If you missed any of the GeoNet coverage, check out the list below: 


Day Three sections (click to jump to section)

Esri UC 5K 

Who else still has Shakira's "Try Anything" still running through your head? I know I was humming it non-stop for sure.


Speaking of running, Wednesday began with the annual UC 5K race. Hundreds of Geogeeks raced around the marina quickly and swiftly applying the Science of Where with their feet, legs and lungs and about 130 to 165 beats per minute. Congrats to the winners and high-fives to all who ran with us! Check out a nice recap of the 5K from the Esri social media team. 

Now for the roundup of what happened on Tuesday and throughout the rest of the day on Wednesday. 

In the Expo with Esri Services, Hands-On Learning Lab, and Lifelong Learning

by Suzanne Boden‌ from the Esri Training‌ team. 

It seemed like it would be an impossible task to match the energy and excitement of Monday’s all-day Plenary session, but when the Expo doors opened at 9 a.m. sharp Tuesday morning, the same energy and geo-powered enthusiasm were there in abundance. Attendees came in with business on their mind—talking with experts to get questions answered, exploring the latest Esri products and partner solutions, and discovering tips and tricks to streamline their GIS workflows.

Perhaps nowhere was this on more display than at the Esri Services area, where the fairly small demo theater was packed for the first of 16 lightning talks presented throughout the day. The space was entirely full with dozens of people spilling out into the aisles on either side of the theater. The crowd grew even bigger when Esri instructor Nick Giner took the microphone at 10 a.m. for ArcGIS Pro – Top 5 Tips and Tricks. If the lightning talk crowd is a measuring stick, ArcGIS Pro is definitely one of the hottest topics at this year’s UC.

Wednesday brings 16 more lightning talks at the Esri Services area—a new one starts every half-hour. On Thursday, the Expo closes at 1:30 p.m., so there will be only seven lightning talks. See the list below—you’ll probably find at least one topic of interest.

Tip: Get to the theater early if you want a seat.

Hands-On Learning Lab

The Hands-On Learning Lab is also filling seats. It’s a popular place to sit down and focus on learning something new. With two dozen ArcGIS lessons, the Lab is a great space to build software skills while you’re at the conference. Located at the back of the Expo, just to the right of the Technical Support area, the Lab stations are consistently full.

Tip: To get a spot without waiting, the best time to visit is first thing in the morning or late afternoon.

Lifelong Learning Area

Late Tuesday morning at Lifelong Learning, we were excited to see a group of special visitors: the three 4H teenagers who impressed everybody at the afternoon Plenary session, along with their program leaders and fellow 4H members. In the photo below, that’s Austin from Tennessee on the left. He presented his GIS project on stage like a pro Monday, inspiring all the adults with his poise and excellent grasp of spatial analysis (not to mention his expert use of ArcGIS Pro). He’s holding a sign with Fran, a 4H program leader from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Seeing the cluster of blue 4H shirts buzzing around the Expo is one of the more fun people-watching activities for those of us working at the Expo. After the blue shirts moved on from Lifelong Learning, we enjoyed meeting with lots of other UC attendees. Questions about workforce development plans, e-Learning, ArcGIS Pro classes, and resources to prepare for an Esri technical certification exam were just some of the topics being discussed.

Tip: If you’re interested in certification, enter the July Giveaway for a chance to win a free exam voucher.

It’s hard to believe day 2 of the conference is already over. If you’re in the Expo Wednesday or Thursday, stop by the Esri Services area, Hands-On Learning Lab, or Lifelong Learning areas—we’d love to chat and answer your questions.

Hot on Developer Demos 

By Amy Niessen

If you haven't stopped by Demo Theatre 11, you may have missed out on some of the latest features in our SDKs and APIs! We have a number of demo presentations that will get you up-to-speed and in-the-know on different techniques and enhancements to guide your projects in the right direction. Read more about

Diving Deeper into the UC and EdUC with Dawn

Follow along with tweets and photos from Dawn Wright's experiences in the Map Gallery and at this past weekend's EdUC conference in this Storify collection: Esri UC, EdUC 2017 - Day 1 (Backstage) + Day 2 

GeoNet Meet-up (Video): The GeoNet Influence on ArcGIS Online

Want to know how the ArcGIS Online  team finds value in user feedback on GeoNet? Check out the video as Kelly Gerrow explains during the GeoNet Meet-up. 


Video: Creating broader community development

ByRachel Weeden‌ and Keith Cooke

Today at the Local Government/Community Development area, one of the hot topics was Economic Development. In this video, Keith Cooke summarizes a common conversation, describing how communities are moving beyond site selection solutions to support broader community development activities like destination branding. To give economic developers a competitive edge, they are not just providing information about available sites, but also the context as to the characteristics of the site and what might make a community unique. Keith shares a quick overview of Esri solutions that support destination branding, including the Live, Work, Locate app and Story Maps


YPN Party and GeoDev Meetup 

Wednesday came to a close as Geogeeks gathered at the GeoDev meet-up and partied poolside at the YPN social event. Good times were had by all. 

What were your highlights on Wednesday? What are you learning this week at UC? 

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