New GIS-based tool for fed, state governments

08-13-2018 12:45 PM
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The federal government has created a new GIS-based media tool that allows public affairs/communications officers (PAOs) to search for media based on the geographic area they serve.  We are sharing this tool with other federal and state agencies (email for more info).  This tool will allow PAOs to much more accurately target media outlets versus other tools available today.  For example, with this system, users can identify and send news releases to media that only provide news to areas affected by hurricane cones instead of sending the news release to all outlets in each state that the hurricane cone touches. 

This tool, based in ArcGIS, will allow your PAOs to better target media outlets serving your stakeholders by allowing them to conduct searches against the layers your government agency maintains.

Some examples of how states may use this tool:

  • Disaster response: target news outlets specifically serving areas affected by hurricane cones without needing to send releases statewide; targeting areas affected by CBRN incidents to provide health and safety information
  • Public safety: target media serving populations within any mile range (down to one-tenth of a mile) from a site of a prison break or fugitive sighting; target media in area where a most-wanted criminal was seen; better promote state police activity and arrests
  • Transportation projects: select a portion of highway slated for an infrastructure project and promote the work to media serving those who would use that stretch of interstate; highlight portion of highways slated for state beautification projects to promote to nearby residents; in case of bridge collapses, distribute information to media in areas where travelers would need to find alternate routes
  • Agriculture: select areas of the state where particular crops are grown to highlight state programs benefitting those producers
  • Health: promote health tips following heat advisories issued in your state by the National Weather Service

Please let communications officials in your government agency know about the tool, and if they are interested in learning more or would like to see a demo, they should reach out to  Thanks!

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