Integrate and Collect Events for Hotspot Analysis

04-06-2022 10:42 PM
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I am using ArcMap Desktop 10.7. I am trying to perform an optimised hotspot analysis on incident point data (business locations) across three different years. I do not want to aggregate using polygons and would like to use the SNAP_NEARBY_INCIDENTS_TO_CREATE_WEIGHTED_POINTS option.

However, since the underlying data is distributed differently for each year of my study period, the aggregation distance used to snap nearby points is also different. As such, the clustering patterns derived for each year are not comparable by running the "optimised hotspot analysis" tool for each year.

Is there a way of overriding the aggregation distance used to snap nearby points to make it consistent for each year within the "optimised hotspot analysis" tool?

I have tried to manipulate my incident point data manually before running the "optimised hotspot analysis" tool. I used the "collect events" tool, then the "integration" tool using my selected distance to snap nearby points, and finally the "collect events" tool again to create weighted points. However, in the final step, some of my points do not aggregate correctly - e.g., the integration step creates a set of overlapping points with values 1,1,3,3,1,1 but after collecting events in the final step, this point has an ICOUNT of 5 (instead of 10).

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