How to normalize feature data between 0-1 in ArcGIS Pro?

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03-10-2019 08:25 PM
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I have a feature table, and want to normalize the data in a field between 0-1, and I know the normalization method should be "(x-min(x))/(max(x)-min(x) ". I have tried "add field---field calculator", but I have no idea how to use the functions. Could anyone help me to achieve it in ArcGIS Pro?


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A more traditional approach (still a lot less work IMHO, sorry Dan):

1. Find the min and max values, let's say they are 10 and 900. (right click field in table view, Statistics)

2. Add a field

3. Run Calculate field with this expression (VFLD is your field that ranges from 0 to 900) (Use Python parser)

min + (max-min) * (value - 10.0) / (max-min)

10 + ((900 - 10) * (!VFLD! - 10.0) / (900 - 10))

I should mention that what you are suggesting is not "normalizing" the data but instead doing a min-max "stretch" of the data. To Normalize the data you would convert the values to Z scores using the mean and standard deviation (replace mean and std with the numbers you get from the Statistics run):

(!VFLD! - mean) / std
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Curtis the statistical and image image stretch are both forms of   Normalization - Wikipedia 

I prefer to think of it as the process by which "a basic standard by which value is computed" (Numéraire like currency) since an upper range is not necessarily required but a 'base' of comparison is required